Saturday, July 24, 2010

Volunteers are the Greatest!!!

This past Wednesday, the Children's Garden was visited by an awesome group of volunteers from Seattle Works. They spent 2 hours working hard in the hot sun, to completely weed and mulch the Grey Whale Garden and surrounding areas, to make it all 'spiffed up' for the next day's filming of "Gardening with Ciscoe". And they did it all with smiles on their faces!

Today, another awesome group of Seattle Works volunteers came to do some major projects in the garden. How could we be so lucky! Over a dozen hearty soils spent 4 hours on another hot day, and the result was a transformation of the entire west side of the garden. They weeded and mulched the "Rose Tunnel", a huge bed of Fragrant Sumac, and the "Fort Zone". They also mulched all the main paths and gathering places, to make sure there is a soft landing for any little ones who take a tumble. On top of that, they completely renovated the giant kiosk so that children can paint a garden mural there.

Seattle Works <> is a non-profit organization that has been a vital ingredient in the success and sustainability of the Children's Garden for several years now, enabling us to accomplish many expansion projects as well as helping keep the garden maintained.

Each group and team of volunteers that has come our way from Seattle Works has been full of life and laughter whether rain or shine, and their enthusiasm has been like "wind in the sails" for everyone associated with the garden. Some Seattle Works volunteers have also come up with great ideas for the garden! We are so grateful for the support from this wonderful organization, and all the volunteers who take part in its work.

Joining both of the Seattle Works events this week were volunteers from King County Master Gardeners, another non-profit organization that has been a stalwart and long-time supporter of the Children's Garden. Since 2002, veteran and intern Master Gardeners have been participating in the planning and development of the garden, as well as attending almost every workparty and special event that we have hosted. They too, have contributed an enormous amount of energy and ideas to the garden, and their dedication is a mainstay in its success and sustainability! The Master Gardener Foundation of King County also provides an annual donation to the Children's Garden for supplies and volunteer recognition.

Over the years, there have been many other volunteers and organizations involved in expanding and sustaining the Magnuson Children's Garden, and we are very grateful for all of their efforts. Here are a few more:

2 local Eagle Scout candidates who, along with their troop members, built two major additions to the garden: the first scout group built the giant entry arbor in 2005, and the second scout group built the colorful and beautiful Children's Garden sign and songbird roosting-boxes that grace it just this spring!

Horticulture students from Edmonds Community College, under the guidance of Christine Pfeiffer, instructor and long-time member of the Children's Garden Commitee: her students have expertly pruned many different types of shrubs in the Children's Garden on several occasions, as well as trees in the nearby Demonstration Orchard.

Parents, teachers, and students from Thornton Creek School, who created the beautiful and educational Salmon Survival Path mosaic in 2007.

Last but certainly not least, the many children from age 4-14 who have graced the garden with their willing hands, hard work, and joyous spirit over these past eight years!

We welcome you to contribute your efforts to sustaining the Magnuson Children's Garden, whether for a one-time workparty or for ongoing support. The Children's Garden is part of the Magnuson Community Garden, a registered 501-C3 non-profit organization. For more information, visit
or email us at

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