Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Additional 2009 Magnuson Park Environmental Events

  • March 31st from 12noon to 3pm- Jr. Nature Explorer activity booth at the Magnuson Community Center "Spring Carnival" in Hangar #30. For more info, visit
  • April 25th from 10-11:30am- A Saturday-morning family class on "How to create a Bird-Friendly Landscape". For more information, call the Warren G. Magnuson Park Community Center at 206-684-7026, or download a quarterly brochure from their website at
  • April 13th- National Environmental Education Week program: Thornton Creek Elem. 3rd graders will visit the brand new Magnuson Community Center Bird-Friendly Landscape as part of a field trip pilot program.
  • May 4th- Thornton Creek Elem students will visit the Magnuson Community Garden for part two of the pilot field trip program.

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